Xenon Project Syma S107 Remote Controlled Helicopter








I am a mom of two girls. I have no brothers. So basically I have had a life-long deprivation of fun remote-controlled toys.

I realized what a sad, sad thing this was when my girls got remote-controlled bumper cars last Christmas. So. Fun. Sometimes Hubs and I even let the girls play.

And this little remote-controlled helicopter? Even MORE fun!

The Syma S107 mini helicopter is made by a company called Xenon Project. This is a truly amazing toy – you can make it hover, turn 360 degrees in mid-air, and fly it in all directions. At first the instructions intimidated me, but honestly, it’s pretty simple to work once you practice a little.

The 5″ helicopter conveniently charges via USB and charges up in about 40 minutes. It flies continuously for about seven minutes, which I guess is pretty typical for these sophisticated RC toys.

The Syma S107 helicopter is delicate and not for little kids. The box says it’s for ages 14+, which surprised me, but I am positive a 10-year-old could work it. My 1st grade daughter can fly it – and loves it. I bought three of them for the holidays and each little boy I gave it to loved it!

Check out the Syma S107 mini helicopter on Xenon Project’s site – and all their other fun RC toys!

Thank you to Xenon Project for providing me with a helicopter to review and keep! I always give my honest opinion on my reviews. See my disclosure policy here.