7 Tips for Creating a Colorful Shade Garden

7 tips to create a colorful shade garden

Something you may not know about me: I love to garden. When I have a little time to myself and I’m not doing blogging stuff, I’m getting down and dirty in my yard. I grew up with a big sunny yard, and to me, sun = gardening. I didn’t even know you could garden in […]

The epiphany that took me from overwhelmed to feeling accomplished

overwhelming lists

Pssst - the Honest Voices linkup for bloggers is back! Link up after the post… Yesterday I finally I figured out the source of much of my stress. It’s something so simple that you might roll your eyes at me when I tell you what it is. But it dawned on me while I was loading the […]

Huge Frozen toy giveaway – $120 in dolls and toys!

Frozen toys mega giveaway on Honest Mom

My kids are (still) obsessed with Frozen. I threw a crazy Frozen-themed party for my 8yo this past March that I put more work into than I’d care to admit. My girls have the soundtrack memorized. They can recite movie scenes from memory. And “Yoo hoo! Big summer blowout!” is a regular part of conversation around […]

Summer cocktail recipe: Watermelon Slush (with or without rum!)

delicious watermelon slush

I cannot get enough of this amazing cocktail that I whipped up tonight. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it’s pretty healthy! Well, until you add in the rum. But come on. What could be more perfect on a steamy hot summer’s night? Frozen watermelon + ice + lime + rum for the grownups = heaven. […]

Why this carb-lover is going gluten-free…and how I’m doing it.

gluten free for beginners 2

The whole idea of being gluten-free used to make me laugh. Chortle, really. I adore baked goods. I swiped my kids’ graham cracker snacks all the time because hello? YUM. Annie’s white cheddar mac and cheese? Um, yes please. A life without gluten sounded like a life not worth living to me. Until all of a […]

When does free-range parenting become more like neglecting your kids?

free range or child neglect 2

Pssst - the Honest Voices linkup for bloggers is back! Link up after the post… I am not a free-range parent. I’m just not. Especially when it comes to the great outdoors. But let me back up. I am also not the mom who nervously hovers, watching my kids with an eagle-eye, constantly admonishing them to be careful. I […]

Sometimes your brain betrays you and just stops working right.


Forgive me if this post is a little jumbled. I am typing it out on my iPhone because looking at my computer for too long hurts my head. But I feel the need to write. So here goes. Last time I wrote about how I thought my antidepressants were messing with my head. And they […]