An honest update and a little story

A note my kindergartener left on my bedroom door

Well hi there, friends. Somehow two weeks have gone by since I last wrote something. Wait, no, that’s not true. I write every day for work, I just haven’t written for the blog in two weeks. Well, actually, it was an Honest Moms Speak Out essay that I last posted. So it’s been longer than two weeks… […]

Why being compassionate is often a hard choice #1000speak


Today more than 1,000 bloggers are writing about what compassion means to them in an effort to flood the interwebs with kindness for a day. I’m proud to be one of that thousand. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” That right there is my favorite quote (attributed to both Plato and […]

If moms had their own Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts…

candy conversations hearts for moms

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in this house. Well, at least for those of us under the age of 9. My girls have been working on valentines for a few weeks now. Which means the play area looks like an arts and crafts bomb went off. Awesome. Glitter4ever, right? More like vacuum and sweep […]

It’s time to tell your story: Introducing Honest Moms Speak Out

Moms with depression: Share your story on Honest Mom and help other women. Learn how...

Hello all you honest moms, A couple months ago, I asked the Honest Mom Facebook community if they’d be interested in writing about their mental health struggles and triumphs, and sharing them on the blog. I wasn’t sure what kind of reaction I’d get. And I was honestly stunned by the positive response. So many moms were interested in […]

How I discovered you can’t be a SAHM and working mom at the same time.

tina fey om

This past September was the start of a new phase of life for the Bailey household: Both my girls officially became grade schoolers. And that meant a huge change. For the first time ever, I had Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 2:30pm, all to myself. FREEEEEEDOM! Right? Well, sort of. I am a freelance copywriter […]

Are you going to achieve your goals this year? Or will you give up?

how to achieve your goals for the year

For someone who says she doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, I sure do make a lot of them. Two years ago, I resolved to do what it takes to be happy – easier said than done for me. Last year, I made a belated resolution to choose to think kindly of others. I’m still working […]

Round up: Easy, quick appetizers and snacks for holidays, book clubs, and more

7 easy and quick appetizers and snacks

When I’m having people over, the last thing I think about are the appetizers. Whether it’s for the holidays, for book club, or for a last-minute get together, I get lazy with the apps. My standbys: cheese, crackers, grapes, store-bought dip and chips, and heat-and-serve apps from Wegmans. That’s what I resort to because I’m […]

How to manage depression, anxiety and stress during the holidays: 7 great tips

Manage depression, anxiety, and stress during the holidays

Back in 2012 when I had like 10 blog readers, I wrote this post. Many of you haven’t seen it before, but I have noticed lots of people googling and finding it recently. So, I figured it may help a bunch of you out there, and I’m republishing this (tweaked) post for you now. I hope […]