Frozen blueberry lemonade slushies – for kids and grownups!

Frozen blueberry lemonade slush pic

My kids are always, always, ALWAYS asking me for treats. In the summer they want ice cream, popsicles, or any sort of yummy frozen things all the time. Who can blame them? It’s freaking hot out there! I totally get the need for frosty goodness when it’s 92 degrees out, but yet I don’t want to […]

Is it time for me to quit blogging?

Is it time for me to quit blogging?

I’ve been too paralyzed to write lately. I’m not really sure I’m burned out, per say. I have stuff I want to write about. There are definitely ideas swimming around in my head. But it just seems like so much effort to blog nowadays, I get frustrated before I even begin. Those of you who […]

Can I put a doily on her head and call it done? And other last-weeks-of-school ruminations.

Killen's Pond Camping Trip

18.5 days. That’s how many school days are left for us. And I tell you, I am waving the white flag. Waving it high. I want to be done. I want to just say WHATEVER to the science project display board, backwards crazy hair day, and the kindergarten reading marathon fundraiser. I mean, when are […]

My dad was far from perfect. But there’s one great thing I’ll never forget about him.

An Imperfect Father's Perfect Faith in Me | Honest Mom

My father was far from a perfect dad. In fact, there were many times I wished he wasn’t my father. Suffice it to say that my dad’s life didn’t turn out the way he had planned, and that fact that made him bitter. When that bitterness seeped out of him, it turned him into someone […]

What were you born to do?

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“What was I born to do?” It’s a question so many of us ask ourselves. Are we doing what we were meant to do with our lives? Are we on the right paths? Are we using our talents to do good? I probably think about these questions more frequently than the average person. I admit […]

To all you moms dealing with anxiety and depression…

To all you moms dealing with anxiety and depression

Dear mom struggling with depression and anxiety, I know how you’re feeling and you’re not alone. That’s the first thing I want you to know. I know the lies depression and anxiety tell you. That you’re a failure because you didn’t get to everything that you should have gotten done today. That your kids deserve a […]

How to make fresh produce available to everyone in your community

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I live in a small, suburban town that is thought of as a generally well-off area. But what many people do not know is that we have a food pantry that serves a surprising chunk of our population. The clients of the pantry include moms and kids in temporary housing, elderly people, and families who […]

Top 4 ridiculous “holidays” Pinterest wants you to celebrate

Top 4 crazy holidays Pinterest wants you to celebrate

Lots of people complain that “Pinterest Moms” have ruined it for the rest of us. “It” being every holiday. Every day. Every thing, really. I’m sure you know of one of these moms. She probably recently created a two-story Saint Patrick’s Day leprechaun trap and green organic tofu milkshakes that tasted just like McDonald’s Shamrock […]