The day the S-bomb got dropped on the kindergarten field trip

Don't ruin Santa for everyone else, kid

Last week I chaperoned my kindergartener’s field trip. It was crazy adorable – and generally pretty crazy – as you might expect. I often forget how young kindergarteners are, because lately Grace seems so old to me. She’s reading beginner books, tying her own shoes, picking out her own clothes. So independent. So big. But […]

My baby is going to kindergarten. Cue the (totally unexpected) angst.

baby Grace

Just a little under six years ago, I was snuggling this: On Friday that bundle of snuggles is going to kindergarten. And I’m a mess. I’ve been talking tough for practically a year about how great it’s going to be when both my kids are in school. I thought of all the things I’d accomplish without them around. […]

Three minutes in the mind of a mom

3 minutes in the mind of a mom

There’s a reason women say they have “mom brain.” Even though I make lists upon lists in an attempt to clear my head of all the to-dos racing through it, my brain never.stops.moving. From the moment I wake up until the time I fall asleep, it’s filled with things to do and thoughts I should act on […]

When does free-range parenting become more like neglecting your kids?

free range or child neglect 2

Pssst – the Honest Voices linkup for bloggers is back! Link up after the post… I am not a free-range parent. I’m just not. Especially when it comes to the great outdoors. But let me back up. I am also not the mom who nervously hovers, watching my kids with an eagle-eye, constantly admonishing them to be careful. I […]

Dear rage-y people of the internet: Your constant fury is completely exhausting and, oh yeah, totally ineffective.

outraged about everything on internet

Well hi there, non-rage-y reader. Do you feel like lately, everywhere you look on the internet, someone is angry about something? And they’re demanding whatever it is must stop existing because goddammit, they don’t like it? I do. And I think everyone just needs to calm the hell down. All the outrage is positively exhausting. […]

How a creepy Furby helped me make a belated resolution

choose to assume the best

A couple of days ago, I walked into my kitchen and came face to face with small plastic Furby toy that sat on my counter, staring at me with a maniacal grin. “Um, Annie?” I said, backing away from the creepy creature. “What is this, exactly?” Annie bounded over to me, saw what I was […]

How NOT to get that perfect holiday photo for your cards

how NOT to take a holiday photo

I have had many, many Christmas card photo session fails. One year, I thought I would be proactive and try to get a picture of the girls during the fall. And this is about how well it went down… 1. Decide THIS is the year! The year you will finally create a beautiful, artsy, unique […]