Blog tip Friday: If you don’t like a blog, keep your opinion to yourself.

If you don't like a blog, keep your opinion to yourself.

There has been a lot of noise out there lately about the “right” way to blog. Some bloggers have made it known that they take issue with other bloggers writing about topics they don’t like, or in a style that doesn’t sit well with them. This blogger is too crude. That blogger is too silly. […]

Blog Tip Friday: Create your blogging tribe

why bad post title can kill your post

Blogging can be lonely and isolating. Which seems weird to say in this world of social media, but it really can be. You write a post and throw it out there into the interwebs, essentially hoping if you post it (and promote it), they will come. It can feel very one-way. The opposite of social, […]

Blog Tip Friday: Why a Bad Headline Can Kill Your Blog Post

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“You have one chance to make a great first impression.” 

The old saying holds true for your blog. And what’s your first impression? The title of your blog post, or your headline. Think about it. Which of these would you be more likely to click on: A trip to the zoo -or- The day a […]

Blog Tip Friday: Your unique angle & a must-have plugin

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  Welcome to the second edition of Blog Tip Friday on Honest Mom! I write these posts to give you writing and tech tips so you can up your blogging mojo and maximize your blog’s success. Last time I gave you blog tip #1: the importance of knowing why you blog. This time, let’s talk about your […]

Blog Tip Friday : The Importance of Knowing Why You Blog

Blog Tip Friday on Honest Mom - Know Why You Blog

Welcome to a new feature on Honest Mom: Blog Tip Friday, where you’ll get writing and tech tips to up your blogging mojo and maximize your blog’s success! I hope to do this every Friday, and I’d love to hear what YOU want to learn about! Without further ado … let’s jump in. Blog Tip #1 […]