How NOT to get that perfect holiday photo for your cards

how NOT to take a holiday photo

I have had many, many Christmas card photo session fails. One year, I thought I would be proactive and try to get a picture of the girls during the fall. And this is about how well it went down… 1. Decide THIS is the year! The year you will finally create a beautiful, artsy, unique […]

Give my kid any more of these party “favors” and I will end you.


My house is overrun with crap toys. We have several bins of plastic junky stuff that my girls never play with but yet can’t bear to part with. And you know where we get all this crap? Birthday party “favor” bags. I put “favor” in quotes because parents who give my kids this crap are […]

In which I make goofy confessions for all of Facebook to read.

laundry challenged

It all started with an innocent confession as I sat in a chair in my daughter’s room, waiting for her to fall asleep. Yes, I do that. And apparently a lot of you do, too. Because when I admitted it on Facebook, 100 people liked it and 28 people chimed in, confessing they did the […]

The Bible Should Come with a Parental Advisory Warning

kiddie bible parental advisory

Did you ever think one night, when picking out a bedtime story to read to your young child, “Hey, we should read this book – it’s filled with murder and mayhem, natural disasters, and the occasional zombie! Guaranteed sweet dreams!” I’m guessing not. Well, there was this one book that had been sitting on my […]

How being a mom is like being on a soap opera

11 ways being a mom is like being on a soap opera

We moms may wear yoga pants all day, every day. Drive minivans whose interiors are coated in Cheerios and raisins. And be lucky if we got to drag a comb through our hair in the morning, let alone shower. The glamorous aspects of our lives are easy to miss, I admit. But trust me. Being […]

Shame on me. And you?


Perhaps you’ve heard of Dog Shaming? Or maybe Mommy Shorts’ Baby Shaming (which is more of a baby/toddler confessional and awfully cute) caught your eye recently. Well, the lovely Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva took the Shaming ball and ran with it. She came up with … wait for it … Mom Shaming. Because if we […]

How to take a shower (when your preschooler is home)


1. Turn on water to let shower warm up. 2. Get child snuggled into your bed. Turn on Dora the Explorer. 3. Take off clothes. Smile testily when child points at your ravaged-by-two-c/sections belly and proclaims loudly, “EW!” 4. Get in shower. 5. Look at little person who has just poked her head in your […]