12 Signs It’s Fall in Your Little Slice of Suburban Heaven

12 signs of fall in suburbia 2

It’s finally fall here in New England. It’s a fickle season, isn’t it? One day it’s a sunscreen day, the next day it’s 45 degrees and raining. Fall isn’t exactly consistent around here, but as sure as the changing leaves on the trees and the pumpkin spice latte in your hand, you’re bound to see and […]

Three minutes in the mind of a mom

3 minutes in the mind of a mom

There’s a reason women say they have “mom brain.” Even though I make lists upon lists in an attempt to clear my head of all the to-dos racing through it, my brain never.stops.moving. From the moment I wake up until the time I fall asleep, it’s filled with things to do and thoughts I should act on […]

You Know it’s Spring in Suburbia When…

Ways you know it's Spring in the suburbs 800x600

Up here in Massachusetts the calendar says Yippie, Spring! But the temperature says, Put on your winter boots because snow is headed your way, sucker. I’m not kidding. It snowed today, even though I optimistically wore my clogs. I don’t care. I REFUSE to wear a winter coat anymore, even if it means wearing so […]

How NOT to get that perfect holiday photo for your cards

how NOT to take a holiday photo

I have had many, many Christmas card photo session fails. One year, I thought I would be proactive and try to get a picture of the girls during the fall. And this is about how well it went down… 1. Decide THIS is the year! The year you will finally create a beautiful, artsy, unique […]

The Bible Should Come with a Parental Advisory Warning

kiddie bible parental advisory

Did you ever think one night, when picking out a bedtime story to read to your young child, “Hey, we should read this book – it’s filled with murder and mayhem, natural disasters, and the occasional zombie! Guaranteed sweet dreams!” I’m guessing not. Well, there was this one book that had been sitting on my […]

How being a mom is like being on a soap opera

11 ways being a mom is like being on a soap opera

We moms may wear yoga pants all day, every day. Drive minivans whose interiors are coated in Cheerios and raisins. And be lucky if we got to drag a comb through our hair in the morning, let alone shower. The glamorous aspects of our lives are easy to miss, I admit. But trust me. Being […]

It’s time for Finding the Funny: Link up with your funny posts!

Welcome to the best linkup out there for funny bloggers! I’m excited to be now co-hosting this great blogging party that Anna from My Life and Kids and Kelley from Kelley’s Breakroom have been managing themselves for a while. This linkup is a great way to get your writing discovered and to discover other funny […]

Time to laugh and be laughed at: A special holiday blog linkup!

It’s a very special edition of Finding the Funny! Wait. What? You haven’t heard of Finding the Funny? Please tell me it’s not true. If it is indeed true, you have been missing out. Finding the Funny is a hysterical linkup that Anna at My Life and Kids and Kelley at Kelley’s Break Room host […]