Report cards for 4 year olds. Yes, really.

preschool report cards

What, your preschooler doesn’t get report cards? You must not live in New England. We are wicked competitive here, so we start tracking them early. Can’t tie your shoes by age 4? Not destined for greatness. Reading Dr. Seuss fluently at age 4? Great potential for Phillips Exeter. Ok, so I exaggerate. A little. Because […]

Back on the prowl and putting on the moves: Mommy dating


Uncertain glances. Hesitant smiles. Some perfunctory small talk as you feel each other out. The end goal? A real first date. Playdate, that is. It is with some nostalgia, and yes, some nerves, but I am throwing my hat back in the ring. It’s time I got back out there and into the world of […]